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Cycle activations KNWU

BMX is seen as the perfect entrance to introduce cycling to children. The organization wants to introduce young people to cycling through BMX. The KNWU is partner in this. In addition to enthusing the youth, the organization also wants to put the Netherlands on the map as cycling country and Gelderland as the cycling province of the Netherlands by means of side events.

The KNWU organizes various side events.

Every village a pumptrack

A pump track is the best Urban Playground. A rollercoaster for all cycling sports and suitable for all ages. A pump track is a continuous course with bumps and / or curves that follow each other rhythmically. The KNWU will create a website for anyone who wants to ride on a pump track or build a pump track. The website, with a clear overview of all BMX and pump tracks, will go live in January 2021.

WC BMX races

Bicycle races for children from 7 to 12 years old on their own bicycle (racing bicycles are not allowed). In 2021, the local races will be organized up to the BMX World Championships and will become a special edition. The winners of this local BMX WC Races are invited to the BMX World Championships Race Final Day in the Urban City of Arnhem.

Bike races

The KNWU made it possible to add an extra category to the Races: The balance bike race. During these Races, this category for children aged 2-6 will be added to the program. This category is about Fun! All participants are winners! Are you participating?

BMC clinics

Many children in the Netherlands love to cycle. Usually for fun or as a means of transport. Bicycle control is important for safety. In a specially developed curriculum, the KNWU visits schools in Gelderland for a curriculum. In this lesson program, instructors take over four regular gym classes to work with the children on their bicycle mastery. In addition to safety, fun is central to these lessons.

Join the BMX

Join the BMX is a program to get to know BMX cycling in four training sessions. These trainings take place at local BMX associations, which means that participants are in direct contact with the local association. In 2021, the KNWU will organize a Join the BMX program at at least 10 BMX associations. These training courses are given by experienced KNWU trainers.

Portable pumptracks

A portable pump track is a track with bumps that follow each other rhythmically. It is suitable for many types of bicycles and skateboards. Play and fun is the most important part. During major national events, the KNWU will host a World Championships BMX Pump Track to enthuse people. A pump track will in any case be placed at the BMX European Cup, Olympic Festival and BMX World Championships.

Clinics at Urban Sports Coalition

The Urban Sports Coalition is a community consisting of various teams and Urban Sports promoters who work together to active the young people. Our goal is to enthuse young kids in age of 10-18 year old, because in this group there is a lot of outflow from sport. The KNWU finances the Urban Sports Coalition in the run-up to the BMX World Championshios, the Urban Sports Coalition will focus extra on urban cycling.

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