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Event Organisation

The BMX Worlds 2021 will be organized by Papendal and TIG Sports. In addition we work closely together with partners such as het Ministery for Health, Welfare and Sport, the province of Gelderland, the municipality of Arnhem, the Dutch Cycling Federation and off course the UCI. Together with our partners, suppliers, supporters and media partners we will create an amazing World Championship in 2021.

About Papendal

The first World Championships will take place @Papendal in 2021. The High Performance Centre in the woods of Arnhem. And home base of the National BMX selections. Papendal is a Centre for Elite Sports and Education (CTO). At a CTO, the best talents and elite athletes train in full-time training programmes, directed by the sports confederation. This means training, living and studying at one location. With limited travel time. Required support and facilities are all within reach for the elite athletes. Think of training accommodations, educational support and (para)medical facilities. But also, sports scientific support, mental support and more. Everything needed to develop talent to its full potential.

It promises to be an exciting race on the home track @Papendal. In 2018 the UCI announced that Papendal’s bid for the World Championships in 2021 was approved. Therefore in 2019 a 5 meter starting ramp was built and changes to the first straight were made, in order to make the track accessible to all riders. This European Cup provides BMX-riders of all ages with a great opportunity to discover the challenging Papendal track for the first time.

TIG Sports

Sports marketing agency TIG Sports specialises in creating, re-newing and organising sport events. TIG Sports is a multi-sport agency, working in different types of sport including beach volleyball, hockey, rowing, shorttrack, chess, sailing, swimming, urban sports, athletics and now also BMX.

About UCI

UCI is the international sports federation, acknowledged by the International Olympic Committee, for all disciplines of the cycling sport. The federation is one of the oldest and was founded in 1900. The role of the UCI is to further put the cycling sport on the map in the sports world. Developing an international event calendar for each cycling discipline and providing international rules and regulations for these disciplines are among their most important tasks. Naturally, they also take care of the World Cup for all cycling disciplines. Thus, also for BMX. As such, they are owner and operator of the annual UCI BMX Supercross World Cups, where world’s best professional BMX riders perform at top level.

About the Ministry of health, welfare and sports

The Netherlands in good health. That is the motto of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport encourages people to adopt healthy behavior: more exercise, no smoking, moderate alcohol consumption and healthy eating. Sport promotes health, ensures social contacts and contributes to self-development. The ‘sporting mission’ of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport is to make it possible for everyone to exercise in a responsible manner. In addition, the ministry devotes money and attention to topsport, so that the Netherlands is also a good party at international tournaments. The BMX World Championship is a wonderful event which the Ministry of VWS warmly applauds. Here recreational sport and top sport come together in a good way.

About the Province of Gelderland

The Province of Gelderland is closely involved every year, as a partner, in the BMX world cups. In the run-up to the upcoming World Cup in 2021, they will also act as a partner in various side events that we organize. For example, the first side event: the installation of various fixed and mobile pump tracks in Gelderland is already an amazing success. From 2020 to 2023, they will strengthen the Gelderland sports climate by focusing on healthy food and a healthy living environment, sports events, volunteers, open clubs and vital sports parks, talent development and sustainable sports infrastructure. A lot of attention is paid to recreational sports and athletes with a disability.

About the Municipality of Arnhem

The Municipality of Arnhem supports initiatives which involves (sports) events and challenges entrepreneurs to be creative in the organization of those events. The Municipality of Arnhem has been a partner of the BMX World Cups for years and should of course also be part of the run-up to and during the BMX World Cup in 2021. The Municipality of Arnhem also contributes to the successful organization of our events through city marketing and other promotional opportunities.

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