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Olympic Training Centre Papendal is aware of its social role. Therefore, also during the organization of the BMX World Championships, we think it is very important to include social themes.

Sport, Nutrition & Health
Papendal is ‘world leading’ when it comes to elite sport nutrition. The Elite Sports Restaurant in the Arnhem hall is a great success, over the years multiple innovations were developed and tested. Partly emerged from the collaboration Eat2Move, the innovation-hub for nutrition and sport. During the World Championships BMX healthy nutrition is an important theme. Not only riders and crew will have access to nutritious meals, also fans can enjoy healthy meals and snacks. At the BMX World Cup in 2019 the food concept HAPPIE was launched, in collaboration with the Province of Gelderland and Albert Heijn. With HAPPIE we demonstrate that healthy food is tasty and affordable, also during an event.

Participation in sports, essential for a healthy community. The BMX World Championships offers  community sports the unique opportunity to show their skills at the BMX track @Papendal and off course see their heroes in action. With multiple side-events we want to boost the BMX sport, in Gelderland but also throughout the Netherlands. Making more people enthusiastic about cycling sports in general and BMX in particular.

An athlete knows how important energy is, without energy no performance. That’s exactly our philosophy @Papendal. For years we search for sustainable solutions in every building project. Nowadays for example 3.500 solar panels are located on the roofs @Papendal. That’s very important because the power consumption of an elite training centre such as Papendal is about equal to the power consumption of 400 households. Also during the World Championships sustainability is an important theme. You can think of generating our own power, waste separation and choosing for sustainable organization cars.

During the World Championship we include special target groups. Think of asylum seekers, people below the poverty line or youth with a mild intellectual disability. These groups are given the opportunity to visit the event through promotions with free tickets.

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Social themes