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VIP tickets

On August 22nd Papendal will be completely centered around the finals of the UCI BMX World Championships. During this weekend the VIP pavilion will be fully equipped for a day filling program, with food & drinks and great entertainment. The VIP pavilion also has direct access to the VIP stand, this stand is located directly at the finish line, so you have the best view of the entire track!

With VIP tickets you will get exclusive access to:

* Access to the UCI BMX World Championships races on the VIP stand, located directly at the finish line of the BMX track.

* The VIP pavilion

* The VIP terrace


– VIP Program between 10am-6pm which will consist of:

• Informal VIP BMX brunch at Hotel Papendal including a preview of the World Championship BMX

• VIP seats at the finish line in the BMX stadium including food & drinks and various walk-in activities

• Closing drink at Hotel Papendal


VIP tickets will be offered individually or per dozen at a reduced price. The price of all VIP tickets includes service and transaction fees.

Besides the VIP tickets, the VIP pavilion and the VIP terrace can be rented for your group reception from August 14th  to August 20th . In these arrangements catering and all necessary facilities are fully taken care of. For more information about these arrangements, you can take a look at our hospitality page!

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